Frequently asked questions

  • Is my trip canceled because of heavy rain?
    • Actually, it is a good activity to do on a rainy day because you will get wet anyway. We will provide you all the necessary equipment to be comfortable in such weather. The only weather conditions that would cancel the activity is heavy winds, high waves or thunderstorm.
  • Do I show up to my tour even though I clearly notice one of these weather conditions mentioned earlier?
    • If you haven’t received a cancellation notice either by phone or e-mail, please show up anyway. Avolo plein air is located at the tip of the peninsula where weather forecast changes really quickly thus, what you observe is maybe not what it really is on the water. We also have different aspects protected from the wind and currents. Final decision will be taken by your guide.
  • How do I book a tour?
    • You can book your trip directly online in the «Book Online» tab. You will be redirected to our booking system and will have to choose a date, time and number of people. We have a different range of prices for adults, students or children. You will also have to make, as you book your trip, a 50% deposit of the total amount. The other half will be paid at the end of your tour. You can also book a trip by calling us or showing up to Avolo.
  • Do I have to book my trip a long time ahead?
    • In the high season (July and august), we recommend booking your trip a couple of weeks ahead if you want to ensure to have your availabilities. June and September are less busy, so you can book a few days before.
  • What do I bring with me for the trip?
    • We provide all the necessary equipment from head to toes for all weather conditions: wetsuits (all sizes), booties (all sizes), sprayskirt, paddle jacket. We also have kids fitted size. The only things you have bring with you are the following: swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, snack and a bottle of water. For more time on the water, please show up with your swimsuit on!
  • I want to take pictures, but I don’t want to get my camera wet. Can I still bring it?
    • We do have drybags that you can use for more fragile items. However, we do not guarantee the efficiency of it as water drops may penetrate inside.
  • Can I only rent a kayak and go by myself?
    • Unfortunately, no. We only offer guided tours as the St-Lawrence Gulf can be a tricky place to navigate and offer unstable weather conditions. For those reasons, we provide a full equipped and guided trip with a certified kayak guide. There are exceptions if you own a level 2 CKQ or level 1 Paddle Canada. In this case, we can rent out kayaks and let you go, but we will need a proof of certification and/or number of certification.
  • My 13 years old son wants to be alone in a kayak, is it possible?
    • We only provide tandem kayaks. They are faster, more stable and more appropriate for pleasant experience. Skilled or certified paddler could potentially rent out a solo kayak under certain circumstances. In all cases, the guide makes the final call on whether he wants it or not.
  • Can I bring my 5 years old daughter?
    • The minimum age we are asking for is 8 years old (for the 2 hours ride). All children must be accompanied by a parent in a kayak. Nevertheless, you have to consider that a 2 hours ride can be demanding for a young child as they can be faced to hot or cold weather, and furthermore seasickness. It is your responsibility, in accordance with your guide, to make sure your child is willing to go on a 2 hours trip.
  • Do I pay full price for a trip that has been shortened?
    • If your trip has been shortened at least half of the original time, you won’t be charge for the second half of the payment.
  • Will I see seals and whales on my trip?
    • There are great chances you spot seals or a whale fin. June is the best time for spotting whales. We can guarantee you will see hosts of sea birds such as gannets, small penguins, cormorants and others.
  • Can we book as a group?
    • Yes, indeed. You can book online up to 8 people per tour. If you want to book for a bigger group, get in touch with us by phone or e-mail and it will be a pleasure to arrange something according your needs.
  • Can I use my own kayak?
    • For sure. We will give you a 10$ discount on your trip’s price.

In an area reputed for its biodiversity, there are good chances you see some seals and a host of seabirds. If you’re really lucky you might even spot a whale! You’ll learn about all these elements through the interpretation capsules your guide will share with you. As you paddle along the coast, your guide will also teach you some sea kayaking techniques and tell you a bit about the history of kayaking.

It goes without saying that we’ve invested in quality gear so we can offer you excursions that are not only pleasant, but also safe and comfortable regardless of weather conditions.

Come make the most of your vacation with your family or friends by taking part in an exceptional ecotourism and adventure experience.