For those who are just beginning sea kayaking on their own and who would like to earn recognized certification, Avolo Plein Air is the place to do it! You will get the chance to paddle in both exposed and protected areas so you can learn to understand the different characteristics of a water body. The exposed point reaching out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the area around Île Plate will give you the opportunity to observe such phenomenas as currents, waves, winds and tides.

By taking courses with us, you will be able to begin sea kayaking on your own more safely, with extensive comprehension of techniques and manoeuvres. Ultimately, you will be equipped to prepare your own excursions, whether you’re heading out for a few hours or a full day. During the sessions, you will practice a variety of recovery and towing manoeuvres to make kayaking safer for you and the people who paddles with you.

The training given by Avolo Plein Air is taught according to Paddle Canada course content, so your certification will be valid from coast to coast.

Paddle Canada recognizes four levels of skill in addition to its Sea kayak skills: Introduction to kayaking course, which is the equivalence of FQCK’s Level 1 course. Paddle Canada’s Level 1 course is equivalent to FQCK’s Level 2 course, and so on.

Paddle Canada – Flat water
• Duration : 8 hours, 1 day
• Level : Beginners
• Price : 125$

Paddle Canada – Sea kayak skills: Level 1
• Duration : 16 hours, 2 days
• Level : Beginners
• Price : 240 $

Paddle Canada – Sea kayak skills: Level 2
• Duration : 40 hours, 4 days
• Level : Intermediate
• Price : 650 $

We prefer offering training in June and September because the navigation and marine conditions are more suitable for learning opportunities.

If you want more details about the course program, visit:

Bring with you
• Pencil
• Notebook
• Lunch
• Swim suit
• Towel
• Warm clothing for the return trip

• Neoprene bib wetsuits and paddle jackets
• Hoods
• Booties
• Paddle grips
• All safety and navigation gear

Made-to-measure packages and other requests

If there is another sea kayaking activity that you would like to try, the Avolo Plein Air team can organize a tailor-made package just for you. We can provide you private guides or elaborate bigger excursion/expedition. We could also help you make your personal trip planning.

Whether you would like to take lessons, work on team building or create team spirit in a new group, sea kayaking combined with outdoor is an excellent option for those seeking to explore a non conventional approach of leadership management. Much more entertaining than a traditional dinner or conference. Participants in such activity will face a physical challenge and learn new skills unique to this environment.