Kevin Randlett – Operation directors

Kevin has been member of the team since the beginning. As operation manager, this passionate sea kayak guide and scuba diver knows all the secrets about our region. Kevin is a bright, energetic and funny guide who will make you experiment the richest beauty of Percé.

Lydia Laramée – Guide

Lydia, for a second season with Avolo, is a passionate and nature lover deep inside. Always willing for new challenges, this guide will know how to entertain you.

Lancelot Masse – Guide

Accredited and certified guide, Lancelot is also a second year at Avolo. His love for Gaspesie has brought him back to the sources, where water and mountains meet. He is a professionnal and funny mate and will share with you his passion for all paddling sports.

Francis Paquin – Marketing agent

Francis is passionate about life! Up to his fourth year in adventure programming, he is a second year at Avolo as well. Very perfectionist, his main goal is to raise the standards of the industry while providing a personnal and professionnal customer service. Francis is an accredited guide and an outdoor leadership educator and he likes put up his craziest projects up to term. His state of mind that he is sharing with others is based on two aspects: fun and hapiness. “Hapiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life”

Marilou Thomas – Guide

As she calls herself of a “crazy mood motivated by fun”, Marilou has her inside child not very far at all time. She loves getting out of her confort zone as well as achieving new challenges. She has interest for simplist volunteering, nature, wonderful landscape, kids and animals!

Joanie Cauchon – Guide

As an organized, curious and funny guide, a tour with Joanie will certainly make you fall in love with our region. She is a fierce professionnal and a natural leader. All these aspects have led her into different experiences such as expedition guide in polar region in between sea, mountains, glaciers and… polar bears! She is up and ready to any kind of excursion as any new experience is a new challenge to achieve. Get in the adventure with Joanie and discover all the secret beauty of Percé!

Jeffrey Samuel-Bond – General director, guide and instructor

Jeffrey has been sea kayak guide for over 15 years as well as sea kayak instructor. He is passionate about water sports and outdoor adventure and has decided to achieve his biggest dream, as a local, to found Avolo plein air. Jeffrey is also an accredited and certified instructor and teacher at Adventure Guide programm in Cegepde la Gaspesie et des Iles. This experienced guide will know how to charm you with all the knowledges he has to share about the fauna, flora and sea kayaking in his hometown!

Shiva (La mascotte d’Avolo)