Gear quality and diversity ensure an pleasant activity regardless of the conditions. For our team, your comfort is the key for enjoyment and safety.

We provide ;
• Neoprene bib wetsuits
• Booties
• Paddle jackets with hoods
• Neoprene spray decks
• Paddle grips
• Personal floatation devices
• Fibreglass paddles
• Single and double kayaks
• Dry bag

Sea kayaking gear

The only things you need to bring with you…

• Swimsuit
• Camera to make sure you capture that great moment
• Sunscreen
• Water
• A granola bar
• Hat
• Sunglasses with
• Medication
• Your common sense ☺

You can purchase some items here. Also, your guide will have everything else you need to ensure pleasure and safety during the activity.

At Avolo, we foster the use of tandem kayaks. In any case, it will be up to the guide to decide whether you can use a single kayak or not. You will have, as a matter of fact, to prove your sea kayaking skills via certifications or training courses delivered by either the federation (CKQ) or Paddle Canada. Marine conditions and experience as a paddler will lead our decision.