The Avolo Plein Air experience is much more than just a guided sea kayaking excursion or a course. It’s first and foremost a shared adventure for outdoor enthusiasts and of course, undiluted pleasure! Clients who’ve never touched a paddle and people with sea kayaking experience will appreciate this type of activity in Percé waters… an exotic setting off the beaten path.At Pointe-Saint-Pierre, the shoreline is unlike anywhere else in the Gaspé; it’s a fine place to get away from it all. Our breathtaking setting offers outstanding views of Percé and Forillon and the chance to explore a magnificent island and who knows, maybe even an opportunity to paddle through a marine cave or two.

In an area reputed for its biodiversity, there’s a good chance you’ll see some seals and a host of seabirds… if you’re really lucky you might even spot a whale. You’ll learn about all these elements through the interpretation capsules your guide will share with you. As you paddle along the coast, your guide will also teach you some sea kayaking techniques and tell you a bit about the history of kayaking. It goes without saying that we’ve invested in quality gear so we can offer you excursions that are not only pleasant, but also safe and comfortable regardless of weather conditions.

Come make the most of your vacation with your family or friends by taking part in an exceptional ecotourism and adventure experience.